Mawkin:Causley & ‘I am the song’

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Mawkin:Causley’s stunning new album ‘The Awkward Recruit’ features a simply brilliant imagining of Charles Causley’s poem ‘I am the song’. The poem is a particular favourite here at thecausleyblog, and indeed we used to have a line from the poem as part of the banner on the old Cyprus Well Stories blog.

Jim Causley, the band’s charismatic frontman, says in the liner notes:

“One of my favourite of Uncle Charlie’s poems set to a tune I never intended to be a song tune but Mawkin insist it works, and I must admit I do love a bit of 5/4!”

The band is playing at the upcoming Sidmouth Folk Week and if you get a chance, you should definitely go see them. Mawkin:Causley also has a new website, and we have the link there to your left on the blogroll.

You’ll see Mawkin:Causley described as a folk boy band, but only with tongue in cheek because they’re so much more than that. We’re biased, obviously, but think that ‘The Awkward Recruit’ is amazing stuff: hotly played, passionately sung, wildly musical and fiercely intelligent.

Uncut  *****

The Guardian ****

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Mawkin:Causley talk about the new album.