Charles Causley at the Bath Abbey Carol Concert

Packed to the brim every year, the Bath Abbey Carol Concert is at the top of many a Bath Spa University student composer’s Christmas to-do list. This year, Bath Spa student Frances Key was lucky enough to have her composition picked to be sung at this exciting event, and for this, she says, “I owe my thanks to Charles Causley”.

When Frances and her fellow composition students were given the opportunity to compose a carol for their choir, Frances recalls, “I wanted to borrow the words of someone far more skilled in the art of poetry than I am. My Dad introduced me to Causley’s ‘Mother and Child’ poem and almost instantly I knew it was exactly the kind of poem I wanted to put music to for a choir to sing. I started work on it straight away and during tutorials, my teachers commented a lot on the good choice of poetry.”

Bath Abbey was the perfect setting to hear the performance, Frances says: “the acoustics made the choir sound very mystical and beautiful. From the compliments that Bath Spa Music received, it appears that the whole evening went down a storm, and I hope Charles would have approved of his involvement with such a special festive event; it is certain that everybody went out into the cold with a warm Christmas feeling!”

A happy Christmas and a very peaceful New Year from The Charles Causley Trust to all our readers .