Inside Charles Causley’s House Pt.2

Continuing our series of views inside Charles Causley’s House, you are now in the sitting room. The door to your far left leads to the staircase and Charles’s drawing room; the glass doors lead to the little kitchen, and beyond that, the conservatory. Inspired by the intact nature of the property, The Charles Causley Trust hopes to preserve the poet’s house for future generations, so that in years to come visitors will able to gain a sense of the poet, his life and times. Perhaps standing in this very room, Causley received the mysterious visiting poet, so memorably described in the opening stanza of ‘The Visit’:

The poet at my door, Athenian-eyed,

Examined me, cautiously gave his hat,

Accepted a large whisky,  failed to hide

His well-bred pain at my un-Celtic chat.