Jim Causley’s ‘Cyprus Well’ Out Soon!

cypruswell_2608271aWe’re all very excited here at The Charles Causley Trust about the imminent release of Jim Causley’s ‘Cyprus Well’ album.

From Jim’s record company:

‘Cyprus Well’ is the album where Jim Causley finally comes out as a skilled crafter of original music and a force to be reckoned with.

Whilst the poetry of Charles Causley may be about the people and places of Cornwall, one influence dominates it above all others – his deep love of English folk songs. Devon folksinger Jim Causley took note of this when he first began setting Charles’ poetry to music about seven years ago – although the relationship goes back much further than this, to the vivid memories he has of his mum reading him the poems as a child and to his unsuccessful attempts to correspond with Charles as a poetry-writing teenager. Back then, it was assumed Charles was not a relation, but in recent years shared forebears have been uncovered several grandfathers back, and in any case, as Charles’ poem ‘Ancestors’ points out, all Causleys hail from Trusham on the eastern edge of Dartmoor, where Jim’s family originate from.

In the past couple of years, Jim has immersed himself in Charles’ work: listening to LPs of him reciting his poetry, watching old television interviews, pouring through his personal photographs and notebooks in the Special Collections archive at the University of Exeter and, of course, spending time in his hometown, at his home and playing his piano. This album is the result: it was recorded live in Charles’ home – the ‘Cypress Well’ of the title – by Jim and a sympathetic cast of friends including Julie Murphy, Ceri Owen-Jones, Nick Marshall, Hilary Coleman, Neil Davey and Pete Berryman.

Jim has released three previous solo albums, was one third of trio Devil’s Interval and fronted Mawkin:Causley. He has toured as part of the Waterson Carthy live band and has been involved in numerous collaborations including David Rotheray’s ‘Life of Birds’ and The Woodbine & Ivy Band. He has been nominated five times for BBC Folk Awards.

For more information on the new album visit Jim’s website.

You can read a great review of the album by Martin Chilton, Culture Editor online at the ‘Telegraph’ here.

‘Cyprus Well’ is released on 8th July.