The Quick Brown Fox

Recently I spent some time looking through the artefacts that formed the contents of Charles Causley’s house. Amongst the more obvious treasures I found myself captivated by some of the smaller more unassuming items. There were three that captured different aspects of Causley’s life; in the Navy, as a teacher and as a poet.

A black hat ribbon embroidered HMS Destroyer from Causley’s younger days serving in the Royal Navy

HMS Destroyer Hat Band

Tucked into a box labelled ‘teaching artefacts’ was a collection of merit badges still awaiting the lapels of deserving students’ uniforms.

Merit Badges

An airmail envelope with ribbons jotted across it. This contained the ink reels for his many typewriters. Causley had tested one by typing “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” on the same envelope.

"A Quick Brown Fox ... "

At present Causley’s house is being renovated; the building is in a fragile state and structural repairs are needed to make it habitable. On completion the rooms will be repopulated with Causley’s belongings. We are looking forward to reuniting them with their old home. Cornwall Council is supporting the Causley house project with grant contributions towards the residency programme and the renovation works. Once it’s ready the cottage will host writers in residence and an associated programme of events. The project is one of the Council’s ten priority cultural projects named in its White Paper for Culture. We believe it has the potential to energise the literature sector in Cornwall and to bring high quality cultural activity to Launceston and beyond.

Vicky Reece-Romain Economic Policy Officer (Culture), Cornwall Council

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