Charles Causley in ’10 Best Recordings of Poets’


charles-causley-1983-robert-tilling1We’re delighted to see that Charles Causley is one of the ten poets in yesterday’s Observer 10 Best Recordings of Poets.

Alongside some of the finest ever poets – Sassoon, Heaney, Larkin to name but three – Sir Andrew Motion beautifully describes Causley’s reading of ‘Eden Rock’ for The Poetry Archive in 1988:

“My Archive co-founder Richard Carrington made this recording very near the end of Causley’s life; it seems probable that Causley never again spoke his poems aloud. This gives his recitation poignancy; Causley is evidently saying goodbye to his own work. In this marvellous poem, which remembers or invents a childhood scene, this elegiac note is overwhelmingly present, although it is withheld and shaped with great dignity. If I had to choose one poem on the Archive to keep, from the hundreds I admire, this would be it. “I had not thought that it would be like this”: that last line knocks me almost unconscious every time I hear it.”

Head on over to The Observer to listen!