Single Poems

Single Poems

There are three categories to this page:

Poems issued by publishers for general sale

Limited edition poems either published for sale or for private distribution

Poems printed on posters or on card for publicity purposes

Title Publisher
Issued by publishers for general sale
Tail of the Trinosaur Brockhampton 1972 Illustrated by Jill Gardiner
As I Went Down Zig Zag Warne 1974 Illustrated by John Astrop
Hill of the Fairy Calf Hodder & Stoughton 1976 Illustrated by Robine Clignett
Song of the Shapes Odhams 1977 Illustrator not attributed
Twenty Four Hours Odhams 1977 Illustrator not attributed
Animals’ Carol Macmillan 1978 Illustrated by Judith Horwood
Gift of a Lamb Robson 1985 Illustrated by Sirley Phelps; music by Vera Grey. Paperback edition issued in 1980
Quack said the Billy Goat Walker Books 1986 Illustrated by Barbara Firth.
When Dad Felt Bad Macmillan 1975 Part of the Little Nippers series
Limited editions
Ballad of Charlotte Dymond Bryanston School 1958 Illustrated by Lionel Miskin
Johnny Alleluia Heron Court Press
15 copies, each with a holograph of the poem alongside the printed version
Timothy Winters Turret Books 1970 Cover by Ralph Steadman; music by Wallce Southam. 100 copies
Six Women Keepsake Press 1973 Illustrated by Stanley Simmonds. 180 copies
Ward 15 Words Press 1974 Limited Edition
Here We Go Round The Round House New Broom Press 1976 Illustrated by Stanley Simmonds. 200 copies
Schondilie New Broom Private Press 1982 Illustrated by Robert Tilling; 175 copies
Hymn Morrigu Press 1983 75 copies
Posters and Cards      
Infant Song Arts Council 1974 Card
Ballad of the Bread Man   1968 Card
Sailor’s Carol   1951 Card
I Saw a Jolly Hunter Daedelus Press 1970 Card
Innocent’s Song Exeter College of Art 1971 Poster
Zelah Evans Bros 1972 Broadsheet as an insert in Child Education Quarterly
At Candlemas Iron Press 1984 Poster
I Saw a Jolly Hunter     London Transport poster (Poems on the Underground)
Mary, Mary Magdalene St Mary’s Church    
New Year’s Eve, Athens     Poster
Return to Cornwall     London Transport poster (Poems on the Underground)